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Salford City Council

Housing and economic land availability assessment sites: interactive map

The interactive map below shows all sites that have been considered as part of Salford's 2016 to 2035 housing and economic land availability assessment and the conclusions drawn in respect of their developability over that period.

The map also identifies sites currently being considered for development through Salford's draft local plan, some of which are shown as not developable due to conflicts with the current planning policy framework, for example they are in the Green Belt.

A summary of the city council's assessment will appear by clicking on a site. This new window also contains a link to a downloadable site proforma for each site that includes further details of the city council's assessment.

If you are having problems viewing or using the map, please email

Use the buttons in the top corners to:

  • Zoom iconZoom in or out
  • Search iconSearch for an address
  • Full screen iconSwitch the map to full screen
  • Layer switcher iconChange what types of sites you can see on the map and switch between the base map and aerial photography
  • Cursor iconClick on any of the map features and information on them will appear on the screen.
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